How to read stock availability?

Triangle Dinner Bell

Current Stock  Minus Committed stock = Available quantity

Example  24 - 0 = 24 available

176 ETA  = More arriving by 12/5/2018


*What is the difference between an assortment and a set?



An assortment is a predetermined selection that may vary in colour, size or content and is reflected in the minimum order qty (and therefore the price is for each individual item). For example, below is an item that comes in 2 assorted colours. Therefore, the minimum order quantity is 2 in which you get 1 of each colour, and the price is $40.00 for each of them.


A set is what you will receive when you order a quantity of 1. For example, below the stools come as a set of 3, meaning you will receive all 3 sizes in 1 unit and the price of $114.00.

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