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Plant Waterer Bird Glass



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Plant waterer bird glass

4.1x2.5x14.1 in

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This handy watering bird automatically delivers dosed water based on the plant needs. Useful for anyone who sometimes forgets to water their plants or is away from home for a little while. This watering system is made of glass and has a sophisticated and decorative look. This is how easy you place the watering system: 1. Make a small angled hole in the potting soil, between the plant and the rim of the pot.Tip: Don't want to get your hands dirty? Use a planting stick! 2. Hold the opening of the stem of the watering bird under the tap and fill until the reservoir is full. 3. Hold the reservoir upside down for a while, turn the stem over (with finger on the opening until it is completely turned over) and quickly insert the stem with the water reservoir into the potting soil. The water will now flow down and stop as soon as it is saturated. Minimum order policy

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